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We offer Individuals, Couples, and Business owners all manner of tax services including Individual Tax Return Preparation and tax preparation for the more complex tax returns that businesses must take advantage of. Moreover, for business owners, we take care of their monthly, quarterly and annual tax reporting to all the various government agencies that require reporting for those businesses to be in good standing.

As always — all of our Tax Services we routinely provide to individuals and business owners — are incredibly affordable.

Tax Return Preparation for Individuals

Tax Return Preparation For IndividualsIndividual Tax Services – We’ve offered tax preparation for individuals and bookkeeping services too, should you ever start a business. You can count on us to be available year round. We’re home-based and small business experts who also prepare individual income tax returns and the more complex returns for high net worth individuals and business owners.


$  49.00 – 1040-EZ – Tax return Preparation prices begin at for a basic 1040EZ return.

$ 149.00 – 1040-A – If your tax return is a bit more complex than a 1040-EZ, it probably falls into the 1040-A category. Many taxpayers who have various types of income, such as retirement or interest income, in addition to regular wages, but do not have personal deductions, would qualify to file form 1040-A.

$ 199.00 – Itemized Individual Tax Return – Our base rate for a simple itemized individual tax return is $199.00. This would include mortgage write off, tax write off, charitable and medical. Other tax forms such as credits and deductions would add some extra (but small affordable fees) to the base cost based on time and complexity.

$ 200.00 up – Self Employed Sole Proprietors’ Tax Return –who will be required to file a ‘Schedule C’ is $200.00 and up. The ‘and up” caveat is necessary because some self-employed, sole-proprietor’s Schedule ‘C’s can be extremely extensive and time-consuming.

$ 225.00 to $ 250.00 – Family Tax Return Package – for an Average, Married, Affluent Tax Paying Family (filing a joint return) which includes the Federal IRS tax return and the local State of California Tax Return.

EXAMPLE: Consider a recent average, married, affluent Yorba Linda family – they own a home with mortgage and mortgage interest deduction, multiple dependents including minor children and a college-age young adult living at home who has a part-time job, dual incomes for the husband and wife, investment income, lots of deductions. They require a basic basic Income Tax Return INCLUDING a couple of add-on tax forms to cover some of their reporting complexities. They will leave our office with a bill totalling, on average, between $225.00 to $250.00.NOTE: If the parents or student – want us to also address the college student’s IRS and California tax returns, we can process his or her 1040-EZ (California & IRS) which would add another $49.00. Most working college students end up receiving a tax refund.

Tax Return Preparation for Business Owners

Tax Return Preparation for Business OwnersBusiness Tax Services – We prepare business tax returns for – professionals, investors, sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. Whether your business operates here in Orange County or has multiple locations, we can prepare and file your State and Federal business tax returns.

$ 200.00 up – Self Employed Sole Proprietors’ Tax Return –who will be required to file a ‘Schedule C’ is $200.00 and up. The ‘and up” caveat is necessary because some self-employed, sole-proprietor’s Schedule ‘C’s can be extremely extensive and time-consuming.

$ 399.00 to $ 450.00 – ‘S’ Corporation, ‘C’ Corporation, Partnership & LLC Tax Returns packages – – these very typical business Tax returns which fall into the category of “non complex business returns” that are not required to be accompanied by a balance sheet, are billed at and average fee between $399.00 and $450.00

$ 499.00 up – Complex ‘S’ Corporation, ‘C’ Corporation, Partnership & LLC Tax Returns packages – – that require a balance sheet start at $499.00.

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